As active members in the mountain biking industry for over twelve years we have witnessed a massive evolution throughout the sport, with the biggest constant being growth. Town after town you hear of someone who has picked up a shovel and dedicated countless hours putting trails together within their locale.

This follows what riders have known for ages: The concept of a 'mecca' or 'zone' be it old or new it's always an attraction. As trucks get loaded up, hotels get booked and convoys begin to hit the road, it leaves a few things to question: Has the concept of exploration and adventure been lost and is finding trails becoming too easy?


With the onset of all mountain riding, combined with the push for exploration into new terrain (thanks to the All Mighty Google Earth) riding can be discovered without flocking to predetermined zones with an itinerary of trails, as if it was handed down from Mount Sinai.

Our response to this is a new editorial project called Deep-Six. We have planned a week long trip up to Desolation Sound and the deep Fjord of Toba Inlet. The trip will be based on exploration of the region while seeking rideable trail and also building single features. We will be travelling by boat to access these areas, while camping and sustaining ourselves with mainly what we can harvest from the sea.

Amongst ourselves we've been saying the plan is to "deep-six" the comfort of civilisation for the exploration of new areas.

We will be honest in documenting this journey with a focus on the genuine adventure, even if it means showing our struggle, be it finding trails to ride or pulling in empty fishing lines. We look to prompt the idea of going further and seeking out adventure beyond the typical 'zones' of mountain biking.